Centraverse™ Installed Microphones are a plug-and-play audio solution ideal for high quality sound reinforcement in simple discussion applications, as usually required in smaller city councils. They are quick and easy to set up and provide scalable, best-in-class performance at budgetfriendly cost.

Combined with SCM IntelliMix® Automixers, this solution also allows for easy integration with third party equipment.

Room Loudspeaker
Room Loudspeaker

Third party product


Third party product

Activity Centraverse Microflex DDS 5900 DCS 6000? Microflex Wireless BLX? QLX-D
Discussion x x x x x
Conferencing? x
Presentation & Public Commentary x x x
Capabilities & Features
Sound Reinforcement via room loudspeakers x x x x x x x
Sound Reinforcement via built-in loudspeaker in microphone unit x x
Microphone Activation or Mute with one push of a button x x x x x x x
Microphone Activation through voice activation x x
Central Microphone Control by chairman or administrator x x
Conference Management incl. participant identification, agenda handling, document sharing, voting etc.? x
Direct connectivity to Streaming & Archiving solutions via standard Ethernet cable x x x x
Audio Networking via standard IT infrastructure x x x x
Available Microphone Form Factors ( | = Wired, O = Wireless)
Gooseneck x x x x x
Boundary x x x
Handheld x x x
Bodypack (use with Lavalier Microphone) x x x
  • Meets simple discusson needs at budget-friendly cost
  • Plug-and-play connection minimizes setup time
  • Low-profile form factors fit seamlessly within any room design
  • Choice of boundary and gooseneck microphones available
  • CommShield® Technology guards against unwanted RF interference and intense nearby radio signals from smartphones, etc.
  • Increases clarity and intelligibility of speech
  • Proprietary IntelliMix® Technology eliminates poor audio and delivers seamless automatic mixing
  • Automates several operator functions
  • Interfaces microphones with third party audio solutions or central control system

Microflex? Installed Microphones

  • Highest standard of audio quality with versatile coverage options for unmatched flexibility
  • Modular gooseneck allows easy positioning, and is available in a variety of heights
  • Boundary microphones in various sizes, for minimal visibility
  • Wireless alternatives for cable-free setup and freedom of placement
  • CommShield® Technology guards against unwanted RF interference