Simonne Jones

I see music and science as opportunities to explore the unknown. I have an unquenchable curiosity, and I believe big breakthroughs in these realms change the world. The limitless possibilities of our existence and what we can do with it drives me, and it comes off in every song I write,

Simonne is an artist, scientific researcher, model, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. For her, music, science, and humanitarian efforts are inextricably linked. She holds university degrees in visual arts and biomedical research, with minors in biological Sciences and art history. She’s been at the frontlines of HIV research in the field and in the lab, and has explored music as daily ritual in the Amazon, during an immersive indigenous experience immortalized in Jean Michel Jarre’s documentary Soundhunters.

Her singular musicality embraces electronic music, pop, the avant-garde, classical, new wave, industrial, and alt-rock.  Simonne’s compositions exhibit a dark beauty with imaginative arrangements, daring electronic soundscapes, majestic hooks, and lyrics that brim with poetic poignancy and metaphorical enlightenment.

About the KSM8:

I am really impressed with the KSM8. I tend to have a lot of dynamic in my vocal style, with a tendency for soft breathy moments plus screams within the same song. The vocal sound is super consistent. It has a tight cardioid pattern so there is little drum bleed - so good for those moments when I stand on the drum riser and jump off the kick drum.[...]

Simonne Jones

About the QLXD4:

[...] The QLXD4 receiver I use is super clear and I haven't had a single drop out yet. When I compare my live show recordings with my old mic to the KSM8 it sounds pristine and a little unreal, much closer to how my song sounds in the production. It seems to be the holy grail of wireless mics. When my sound techs see it, they pull it out of the case slowly with wide eyes as if it were glowing!

Simonne Jones

About the PSM 300:

The PSM 300 system is stellar. I was having a lot of dropouts with my old analogue wireless system. I thought this was unavoidable as previously every show there would just be quick breaks in the signal and silence before it coming back. This has never happened with PSM 300. The earphones are really good quality, block out the sound perfectly, and are super comfortable

Simonne Jones

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