Audio network interface brings up to 4 analog wired microphones onto Dante for easy audio routing and convenient browser-based remote control.

  • Single Ethernet port carries Dante audio, power (PoE – class 0)
  • LEDs indicate device status and audio signal
  • Control strings for third-party preset controllers including Crestron® and AMX®
  • 4 Band C/S PEQ on every channel
  • Provides channel summing to combine input signals and send them over a single Dante™ channel
  • Browser-based software control for all device parameters, per input channel:
    • Preamp gain
    • Mute control
    • Digital gain
    • Polarity control
    • Phantom power
  • 1/3 Rack unit wide
  • Chassis ground screw (BLOCK version only) provides common chassis ground for multiple inputs
  • Available in block connector (audio + logic) and standard XLR variations

View the ANI4IN-XLR and the ANI4IN-BLOCK Software GUI Demos.

Technical specifications

672 g
Height x Width x Depth:
40.0 × 140.0 × 128.0 mm
Power Requirements:
PoE V, DC @ 160mA, supplied by external power supply
Inputs (Channels):
DANTE-Enabled Products:
3 Pin XLR, BLOCK, RJ45