SW6000 Conference Management Software provides configuration, control, management, and customization of conferences and meetings. Includes extensive voting control, full language support, and agenda configuration with linked documents and web links.

Main Features

  • Conference / meeting configuration with MXC or DCS6000 conference systems
  • Microphone management in multiple modes, with list of speakers, requests to speak, and requests to reply
  • Control of participant login modes, including PIN code or chip-card registration
  • Management of participant profiles including name, title, role, permissions, etc.
  • Multi-level agenda with linked documents and web links
  • Mimic / synoptic room diagram for microphone control, attendance, and voting
  • Voting control management (3-button or 5-button)
  • Messaging between conference chairman, administrator, participants, and interpreters
  • Configuration and control of interpretation
  • Support for multi-language software screens
  • Report generation and control of import/export of conference information
  • Control of conferences in multiple rooms from one PC


SW6000 Conference Management Software enables you to configure, manage, and personalize all aspects of a conference using the Microflex Complete or DCS6000 conference systems. It provides all of the functionalities which are required for a typical conference or meeting, grouped according to similar functions:

  • Meeting and Agenda Management: Create meetings with multi-level agendas, set meeting modes / options, and configure an extensive range of reports on meeting details.
  • Speaking Management: Control conference microphones, speech time, name handling as well as mimic/synoptic diagrams of the room.
  • Participant Information and Roles: Create and maintain detailed information on participants and their roles/permissions, login procedures (ID card, PIN, etc.), messaging functions, and multi-language support.
  • Controls and Interfaces: Setup interpretation parameters, connection to multiple rooms, import/export of agenda and participant information, as well as configuration of DCS6000 system components and third party applications.
  • Applications used by the Administrator, Chairman or Delegates: Includes one license each for CAA Conference Administrator Application and CUA Conference User Application.

Software Versions

SW6000 v 6.8.33a for CU 6105, CU 6110, or DIS-CCU (License 1.7)

Operating System(s):

Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, WIN 8.1 x86 Enterprise/Professional/Standard, WIN 8.1 x64 Enterprise/Professional/Standard, WIN 10

Release Notes:

UPDATE: August 8, 2019: The installation folder in version 6.8.33 includes a hashtag '#' in the folder name. The latest version of Microsoft Express Server cannot install software on some versions of Windows if a hashtag exists in the installation path. In v6.8.33a, the hashtag is removed.

Release Date: 08/01/2019


  • This version is used to upgrade from all previous SW6000 versions; however, it cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units 

  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only 

  • No new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 v6.0.xxx?or later versions 

  • A new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 v5.8.xxx or previous versions 




  • Users may be unable to install on a PC with no prior SQL installation. The SQL server install would fail if the path length exceeding 256 characters. An error message is now shown if the path to the Setup.exe file exceeds 47 characters. 

  • Upgrading some SQL databases fails 



  • Logging in a participant from Mimic does not apply Mic attenuation to the hardware unit 

  • “Replace unit” generates a system message saying “Sequence contains more than one element” 

  • Interpreter does not work before the CUI is restarted if the device has been removed from the CAA configuration 



  • Participant Meeting report: Invalid label number 

  • System crashes when trying to set the B language to ‘—’ in MXCIC 



  • Individual speech time is not displayed on MXC640 



  • Full support for the C-language is not implemented in the CAA and CUA 

  • CAA: Conference Log report timeout with large customer database 

  • CUA: Does not indicate the correct CDA display at “Prepare Conference” after pressing the button 

  • CDA: Conference variables are not cleared if a vote is canceled 



  • SW6000 and DCS 6000 Compatibility Chart 

  • Please note that Admin rights are still needed to install SW6000 

  • SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 (Full and Express editions) are no longer supported as of July 2019. Upgrading to a newer database is strongly recommended. 


SW6000 v for CU 6005, CU 6010, or CU 6011 (License 1.7)

Operating System(s):

Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, WIN 8.1 x86 Enterprise/Professional/Standard, WIN 8.1 x64 Enterprise/Professional/Standard, WIN 10

Release Notes:

Version - 2017-01-19 (Maintenance Release)


  • This version is a maintenance release for systems with CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units connecting to SW 6000 through RS232.
  • This version is not for new installations
  • This version can upgrade SW6000 from v6.0 to v6.3.34.16 
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
  • No SW6000 upgrade license is needed when upgrading from v6.0 to v6.3.34.16
  • Upgrade from versions prior to v6.0 for system using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 is not possible


  • Conference Log with Individual Votes Report (report ID #1451).
  • Fixed multiple individual voting results
  • Reports updated to reflect conference delegate settings
  • Correcting report for all type of list conferences (e.g. prepared delegate conference), so delegate properties (e.g. user type, voting weight, etc.) are now reflected correctly in reports. This impacts most reports also custom reports (e.g. * Georgian, and other reports)


  • Voting performance improvement
  • Improved performance at voting stop for large CUA installations, which caused slow appearance of voting results on CUA’s after voting is stopped
  • Correction for CUA exception when viewing Individual voting results
  • Registration performance improvement
  • Improve performance for external validation for Registration check, which previously caused the CUI/CUA slowdown in performance
  • CUA exceptions after voting on CUA, and then selecting Individual button, which can make the CUA throw an exception, and then crash Slow system performance when voting
  • Sometimes delegate votes are casted without voting weight (large installations only)


  • Added "-hittest" command line flag. Needed for automated test, and makes it possible to scroll on the CDA Agenda
  • Delegates with no "Right to vote” appear in the Individual Voting Results display


  • CAA: Copy conference, caused exception in some cases
  • CAA: Delegate names are missing in reports after restoring older 4.2 database
  • CAA/CUI: Conference Log report do not show speaker stop time, if speaker was active at conference stop
  • Installation: Installation overwrites the default custom mimic image. The workaround is to take a backup of the database before installation, and restore it after the upgrade
  • Animation errors (this error seems to be PC performance dependent, and only happens on some systems). Workaround is to disable animations with CDA command line parameters 


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