UHF-R At Domstufen Erfurt, Germany

Shure UHF-R scored due to its diverse setup, control and management capabilities

About the UHF-R:

Shure UHF-R delivered a good sound and worked very reliable and stable.

Omar Samhoun, Technical Manager Neumann&Müller Event Technology

Client Needs

The famous open air theatre “Domstufen” in Erfurt (Germany) hosted the rock opera “Jedermann”. Originally a traditional play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, it was transformed in a modern performance with appearances from the philharmonic orchestra as well as the rockband Lidenbrock. To reconcile the various sounds and ensure a flawless performance, a solid wireless transmission was needed.


The Erfurt subsidiary of Neumann&Müller was in charge of the production of the Domstufen. A total of 90 channels Shure wireless system UHF-R and 24 channels of PSM 1000 was used to realise a trouble-free production.


Shure UHF-R scored due to its diverse setup, control and management capabilities, its secure performance plus its impressive sound quality. “Jedermann” was performed by 19 soloists with two microphones each which all operated without a hitch.concludes Pfanzagl-Cardone. "In terms of wireless technology and amplification, there are so many protective features now that we're much safer than we used to be. So you could say that we go about our business in a more relaxed way."


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